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Welcome, I am Nina Uffelmann, a german psychologist living in denmark. I accompany people on their way out of over-thinking, anxiety, self-esteem doubts and relationship problems. Life is often like a story with unexpected chapters. If you feel stuck in your current chapter we can explore together how you can reshape your story. With individually adapted steps and strengthened by your values, I accompany you on your way to more self-efficacy and presence in your life.

Our last conversation really helped me cope with my feelings better."

– male client, 37 years old

"Working with Nina and on myself, I was finally able to realize that all the difficult things had nothing to do with me and my value. Working with Nina changed my view of myself and my environment for the better. I am now able to face situations with distance and more rationally and only very rarely question my value. Thanks to Nina I can cope with many things more easily. Ninas voice serves as a little supportive reminder in my head in difficult situations and helps me to remember important things. Investing in counselling with Nina was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I would recommend Nina without hesitation and have already recommended her to my dearest people."

– female client, 33 years old

"I would definitely recommend Nina's counselling offer. It can be integrated very well into everyday life, due to the fact that it can take place online (even though I was initially skeptical about this point in particular). Nina's calm and appreciative manner quickly made me feel at ease. I think it's good that Nina carefully got me to try out methods that I wasn't so convinced of at first. I also like the way she celebrates my small successes. I used Nina's counselling services because I had been feeling increasingly restricted by my over-thinking tendency. By working together, I have learned to get distance from my thoughts. I get out of the swirl of thoughts faster/better. My awareness and perception towards myself and others has become more positive or sharpened. Also, I think I can enjoy moments more because I'm not in my head as much."

– female client, 32 years old

"The counselling with Nina has helped me a lot and made me much more satisfied. I have become more balanced and can see bad feelings more calmly again. She was able to get to the heart of my problems very well. I feel understood by her, and well accompanied by her empathic and warm attitude even in difficult issues. I am very happy to have worked with her."

– female client, 28 years old

"I recommend Nina's counselling services to others because I find her methods solution-focused, forward-looking, plausible, and easy to implement. At the beginning, I was in a difficult personal situation (carousel of thoughts about an upcoming event, a decision problem and sometimes recurring difficult behavior). Our first conversation helped me a lot. After that I felt much better and was able to focus on everyday life again and prepare for what lay ahead. By continuing to work with Nina, I am more relaxed and oriented in many ways, as I was able to take a lot away from the discussions we had together. The decision I have now made feels very very good. Thanks to Nina's method, my behavior has become quite normalized and I find the new behavior quite easy and permanent to implement for the first time in my life. Thanks for everything, the appointments with Nina have really changed some things in my life for the better."

– female client, 35 years old

"I recommend Nina's counselling services to others as it helped me a lot. I have learned to understand what makes up my thoughts and feelings and how to deal with them better. In addition, I've learned that it's very positive to be in the moment, in the here and now, and thus ruminate less, which has been very useful for me."

– female client, 18 years old

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